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Links to Cancer Information

When I set out to write this page,a page with information on cancer,and also of course a way for you to make a donation to cancer research,I soon realized that I could not begin to add all of the information that was avaiable.Instead of me writing a long a complex article,I wil use this page instead to provide you with links to what I have researched so far.

Common Cancer Types Bladder Cancer Breast Cancer
Colon and Rectal Cancer Endometrial Cancer Kidney Cancer (Renal Cell)
Leukemia Lung Cancer MelanomaNon-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Pancreatic Cancer Prostate Cancer Skin Cancer (Non-melanoma)
Thyroid Cancer All Cancer TypesA to Z List of Cancers

Cancers by Body Location/System Childhood Cancer Women's Cancers

There is of course much more,and from any of those links you can branch off to a hundred more.While it might seem as if Cancer is topic that can never be fully explained and that it is a deadly disease,I am here as living prove that Cancer can be beaten,as I am a two time survivor.
My first touch of cancer was detected by a girlfriend who kept harping at me to get a blemish on my back check out.I was a little surprised at the doctor who examined me,his first words were "Where you raised on a farm?"Seems like in this part of the world Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) the type of skin cancer I was diagnosed was is very prevalent amongst the rural population,exposure to the sun as well as dangerous exposure to a wide variety of herbicides and pesticides are cited as mitigating factors.The other form Non-melanoma skin cancer is the much more common Basal cell carcinoma(BCC).
I count myself very fortunate that I did not get the much more serious Melanoma skin cancer(maliganant melanoma) it is much more deadly.
My second brush with cancer was of much more serious nature,as if not for the miracle surrounding the way was diagnosed I would not be here today.Since i have alrteady written about(follow the link)I will now end this post.

Please consider donating to cancer research

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